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We are always looking for early testers, so feel free to share with anyone who could be interested.

Stay Hungry, see you in the app.

Riff Raff is now in Public Beta!
In practical terms, this mean you can now invite all of you musician friends to the app, directly with the links below, on both iOS and Android devices. No need to share an email address with us, no need to ask anyone 🤘

Below are the two corresponding QR codes, just show these to your friends's camera and they are in!

Not a guitarist? All instruments and vocal performance are welcome and eligible, and this amp will surely make someone you know happy.
Spark Go ® is a trademark of Positive Grid Ltd.All rights reserved.
Boring sweepstakes terms and rules here.

The prize!!

The achievement, the progress, the fun, the friends, the time spent with your instrument instead of your phone or TV! Not enough? Ok there is more.

The winner will receive a brand new Spark Go® smart guitar amp. An incredible high-tech product specifically designed for guitar and bass covers practice, and a favorite with the Riff Raff team.

The videos must be new and recorded on or after October 20th 2023, no reuse of past videos please.

As a reminder, all videos in Riff Raff must be of a live vocal and / or physical instrument musical performance by the user, of a cover of the song selected.

Riff Raff is doing a Halloween giveaway 🎃, participate and win a cool Spark Go® smart guitar amp!
The rules are simple, record and post new covers of any song that reminds you of the Halloween spirit, add #halloween23 in the Tags field, and ask for kudos ❤️ from your Riff Raff friends.

Here’s some inspiration…

The Cranberries - Zombie

Michael Jackson - Thriller

Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells - Pt. 1

Misfits - Halloween

John Carpenter - Halloween Theme - Main Title

And of course anything from the Smashing Pumpkins, from Helloween, or any flavor of metal, death, black, doom,... will fit perfectly!

Costumes? Make-up? Yes sure!

Each unique cover with the Tag #halloween23 scores 15⚡️(watts) and each kudo ❤️ is an additional 1⚡️. The user with the highest score wins!

To get the highest count of ❤️, invite your musicians friends to the app (links below), and ask them to support your covers 😜.

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